Surf’s Up

You know things are getting a bit dangerous when you see surfers wearing crash helmets. Last Sunday, when I was down at Fort Point, a surfing spot underneath the southern end of Golden Gate bridge, this is exactly what I saw. The shore is very rocky and although the waves weren’t huge, some of the surfers were riding over the rocks. It was a lovely sunny day and this attracted a small crowd of spectators.

It’s bike-crazy around that area. I rode over the bridge and I was surprised to find myself with loads of other riders. On the far side I branched off westward and up a long, fairly steep twisty climb up to Vista Point which has an amazing view of the city to the south.

My company was acquired by another company this week, so I’m working at a different office now just down the road from the old one in San Mateo. I’ve been very busy and regularly have to get up by 6, which is a bit of a change for me but I’m getting used to it. Life’s easier now that I have a bus pass – it only costs $45 which is a bargain considering I can use any bus or train within the city for a whole month.

Overall, the last few weeks have been a bit crazy and fortunately things seem to be calming down a little now. And a big bonus is that a few of my Brit colleagues are out here now too!


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